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Całoroczne chatki na wyłączność w Górach Stołowych, dedykowane miłośnikom psów. 

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A place wherefriendly dogs
they runwithout leash...

and the owner wakes up refreshed



SAFE, Fenced and Monitored Area

Sielankownia is a place very close to civilization.

Tightly fenced, green oasis in the best location in Radków at the foot of the Stołowe Mountains - on the estate on Słoneczna Street.

To the historic Radkowski Market Square you haveonly 300 m, close to shops, restaurants, but also mountain trails!


The morning in Sielankownia starts carefree.

You don't rush to get dressed, and your dog doesn't hobble in place to go out.

If it is environmentally friendly -just let it run, let it run:)


The security of your treasures (including the car) is ensured by the monitoring system.

We will take care of your children (we are parents ourselves): A playground, a small table and a chair in each hut, children's tableware, a toilet seat cover, and of course board games -  are just some of the amenities that we have them.



Regardless of whether you come to us in the summer or in the winter, CHATKI w Sielankowniawill provide you with thermal comfort.

Enjoy the temperaturethat you programmed yourselfwhatever the weather.


We recommend our houses maximum for four people + 2 dogs.

Then everyone will have their place and you will feel like

at home.

Your dog is not strong enough to accompany you on all-day trips?

Pare you planning a trip to places where dogs are not allowed? (sic!)

We have a solution!  

Our DogSitter will let him out at the agreed time and feed him,

and you will come back when you want!

Sounds good ?

Before you book a few technical things: 

All huts are the same and have the same equipment, i.e.:

- towels

- cosmetics

- of course bedding (white and fragrant)

- full kitchen equipment (pots, frying pan, dishes, cutlery, spices, wine glasses, corkscrew, plastic dishes for children, coffee maker and coffee specially roasted for you from Coffee Roaster, electric cooker, electric kettle)

Each hut is divided into:

-a living room with a kitchenette,in which there is a fold-out corner with bedding, designed for two people

-bedroom with two single beds that can be made a king size

-bathroom with a shower (I'm sorry, but the bathtub didn't fit)

-terraceequipped with a set of wooden furniture, where you can both eat breakfast in the sun and relax - the armchairs are super comfortable.

Sielankownia is an intimate facility, usually fully rented, if you are lucky and the date that suits you is available, do not hesitate and book today, tomorrow there may not be room for you :(


Clickin the bell on the right, in the lower cornerand our system will sort it out quickly. Be a proud and conscious master for your pet, while spoiling your beloved family :)


We do our best to ensure that our guests have everything they need to feel goodEXCELLENT.

However, if you don't like dogs or your children are afraid of animals, just don't come to us.

Leave space for people who are looking for such a place. They will thank you, and so will we :))

If you are alreadytired and frustrated,

long and arduous searchaccommodation

wherewith your dogyou will feel great

know that there is a certain AMAZING PLACE

you should know about...



Hey!  My name is Paulina, I am an animal lover and a cheerful person with whom I

everything can be arranged.

The owner of two females: Achai and Megi, Mom and Wife (random order ;)

From an early age, animals have been my inspiration. I remember when I carried my cat in a doll's pram ;)

I saved wild mice, grass snakes, birds and everything I could...

I was bringing home more and more New Survivors.

For many years I worked at Arden Grange where I had over 80 dogs under my care, I trained them with positive methods

and I cared for themfeeling great.

I am the founder and president of the "Brave Serca" foundation, which reduces the homelessness of dogs through their training

and dissemination of sport using the potential of animals in Poland.

Helping homeless animals is my life mission.


For many years of getting to know animals, their behavior, love, fears,

and above allLISTENINGexpectations of their owners,

I created, together with my husband, a placeexceptionally friendlybothhuman as well as hiscompanion on 4 legs.


The location is not accidental, the Stołowe Mountains National Park is one of the few National Parks in Poland,

where can you move freely on a leash with your pet.

Breathtaking viewsyou have at your fingertips or paws.

Unfortunately, being in the Table Mountains you will not see the most interesting places and phenomena that deep in your heart,

as unforgettable, they will return with you to the valleys -unless you know where and when to go from the People of Here.

That is why, especially for our guests, we have developed (with the help of local enthusiasts)

 Internet Trip Planner (WWW.SZCZELINIECWIELKI.PL) - premiere on February 1, 2023

whichstep by stepwill lead you straightthrough the seat and to the seatCzech and Polish Table Mountains.

You will see views that few people know about, you will experiencesunrises and sunsetsfrom the best locations,

and at night we will remotely take you to places where you will admire the REAL  Milky Way!


O chatkach
Kim jesteśmy
Wirtualny przewodnik
Sielankownia (7).png

We love our guests and they love us :))
Read what they write about us.

You can confirm the veracity of the reviews on
Rating 9.3/10

Charming and quiet place, perfect for a weekend rest in the mountains :)

 + Beautiful and quiet neighborhood

+ Proximity to hiking trails

+ Coffee machine and three types of specialty coffee :) + Very nice interior

+ Polite owners - they met our requests for heating the house before arrival and the possibility of later departure

+ A wonderful terrace where you could have breakfast in the morning

- Marta (

Supposedlyone photosays more than 1000 words :)
all photos taken up to 10 km from Sielankownia

(The authors of these wonderful photos are Tomek Groszek and our wonderful guests - THANKS!)



Masz pytania ? Najlepszą formą kontaktu jest e-mail. Odpowiadam zawsze raz dziennie między 8:00, a 10:00.
Pisz na : 
Jeśli sprawa jest
bardzo pilna zadzwoń: +48 531 360 968. 
Sielankownia, Słoneczna 15, 57-420 Radków

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